I had a dream, now I have a plan. Here’s how.

On one lovely spring evening, I walked into a fashionable Helsinki restaurant armed with doubts and questions about my future. I got out of it carrying a damn nice bunch of new goals I wanted to achieve, with a precise plan about when I would have them done, why, and how they’d have helped me grow in life.

How did this all happen?

Shortly before that evening, I got to know Hajnalka Collado, who created a very peculiar card game: The Hero. And that evening has been the first time, of many, that I’ve played this game. What is it all about?

The game that makes you think.

It all starts when you have an idea, and you feel pretty much confused about how to turn it to something real. Then, you grab few people, friends, acquaintances, people walking down the road, and start playing.

The Hero’s cards start asking all of you some questions, questioning your ideas, your goals, the true motivation behind them. What is your dream, and why do you want to bring it to life?

You start answering these questions, discussing your thoughts, finding hidden aspects of your ideas, streams of thought you didn’t see before.

You’re guided into a route of discovery, observing the past and imagining the future of your idea. What have you done up to now to realize your dream? Did you miss a chance? Have you been slacking off a bit too much? Or, is there something else, which has stopped you from realizing your dream?

It’s all about smart plans you’ve been keeping inside, waiting to blossom. What can you do, to get closer to your goal? After thinking about it for a while, did you just realize you could give your hobby project just one hour a day, and you could see it realized sooner than “one day”?

You suddenly start to see your idea under a new light, new points of view. Your idea now has more details, a plan, and a timeline.

You want to start realizing your idea, because now you know how. You now have a clear path in front of you.

This is The Hero. Want to give it a try? It’s available on Amazon!

Do you live in Finland? Bonus point! Frequently recurring The Hero events are held in Helsinki!

Full Stack Developer and founder of Notify17

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